Docker + Traefik

This summer I’ve taken the time to learn and redo my entire environment in Docker. The other day I was having an issue where I needed exactly MySQL 5.7 to mimic a production environment and my Homebrew version of MySQL had accidentally been upgraded to 8.0. I fiddled around with downgrading for longer than I’d […]

2018 Year in Review

Here’s a look back at what I accomplished in 2018. I did a similar post for 2017 and really enjoyed listing out everything in one place. Work VCU started a pilot program with the local bus system to allow employees to ride for free. I decided to take full advantage and take the bus from […]

Mastering Regex

Using regex skillfully could be classified as wizardry magic. Lately I’ve been trying to improve this dark art because it has so many applications. I’ve found that tutorials or StackOverflow answers usually go from 0 to 100% mastery so quickly that it’s difficult to understand what exactly is going on. With that said I recently […]

Troubleshooting web servers

When there’s a fire on your web server and everyone is in a panic it’s good to have a list of places to start looking for the problem. Here’s a list I’ve written for my own reference next time that happens.