2018 Year in Review

December 31, 2018

Here’s a look back at what I accomplished in 2018. I did a similar post for 2017 and really enjoyed listing out everything in one place.


  • VCU started a pilot program with the local bus system to allow employees to ride for free. I decided to take full advantage and take the bus from my house to work. It’s doubled my commuting time and is considerably less convenient, but I’m saving $80 per month in parking fees alone. I also feel really good about my decision from a sustainability perspective. 
  • I was added to the list of staff who do on call rotations during the night. Lauren loves getting woken up (I’m being sarcastic), but it’s been a good challenge.
  • I started doing side work / moonlighting for a smaller unit at VCU as a full stack developer. 


  • Built my first custom PC. I used it for about a month with Windows, then started obsessively installing new Linux distributions, until I finally landed on Kubuntu. After a month of Kubuntu I’ve decided I miss / am more efficient in Mac OS. At the time of writing I’ve pretty much stopped using the PC, but it was fun to build.
  • Switched my server back from vultr.com to digitalocean.com and upgraded to Ubuntu 18.
  • Began trying to program more in Python.


  • Goodbye 20s, hello 30s!
  • Started obsessively using a password manager (1Password).
  • I deleted all major social media apps from my phone, resulting in a huge decrease in social networking usage. I occasionally logged into Facebook on a lazy Saturday morning from my desktop, but I’ve pretty much been a ghost.
  • Found out I am lactose intolerant so I stopped drinking milk. Ice cream on the hand has been more difficult to quit.
  • Completed my third half marathon (and accompanying training team).
  • Spent 2 long summer months removing a large ivy patch from backyard. During the middle of the project I got poison ivy on my arms which quickly spread all over my body. 
  • I was selected to serve on jury duty for my county. Although I came really close, I luckily I wasn’t selected for an actual trial.
  • Vacationed to San Diego, Myrtle Beach and New England.
  • Continued my weekly guitar lessons at the Music Tree.