My History With Blogging

June 2, 2016

My relationship with the term blogging has a history that has been ongoing for many years. Yes, I’ve blogged once or twice in the traditional sense but I’ve also logged my life in various ways online via a number of different projects.

* 365 photo project
* Everday selfie video

There were a few projects listed up above that I’ve done for a pretty lengthy period, and some well… not so lengthy (in the spirit of the term blog should those be called a “flog” – failed blog). As a generally soft spoken web developer “blogging” has never really been about having some profound message that I need to impose on readers, but more of less a way of exploring new things online and learning new platforms. Being a web developer often one of the first things you try is how to modify a blog theme and make it look cool; so they are inherently always around.

Given my absence from blogging, I guess this is the ubiquitous, “I’m starting a blog again” post, but it’s still up in the air if it’s more or less for the writing part.